Morning Sir, I hope you’re well.

Doctor Ngebulana ordered a Cancer salve and herbal chemo from you some months back, that was for my mom. Yesterday we removed her dressing and the tumour had come out. I will send you the pics just now.

This writing is to thank you for saving my mom’s life and keeping her femininity in tact. She was already getting calls pressuring her into removing her breast. Thank you so much Tata, uThixo akugcine futhi akusikele, wena nayo yonke into ephantsi kwegama lakho.

God willing, somane sibonana kwiCamps🙂.


Mqwambi thank you so much for the flush. I dont have the digestion skin looks brighter. May God bless you 🙏🏾❤️

Testimony from Lulu Ngozwana. The flush is GI flush